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As women it can seem that pap smears are a yearly torture we would rather avoid—I used to tell my husband I would go when he did, that is until I had my first exam with a midwife.  What an empowering experience!  Yes, I did say my pap smear was empowering.  For the first time I was an active participant in the experience.  Always before it was just get undressed, lay down, stare at the pretty poster on the ceiling (if it was a progressive office) and go to my happy place.


I’m proud to say that now as a midwife myself I offer women a different kind of experience like the one I had with my midwife.  I do IN HOME well woman exams (really why can’t it be in your own bed).  I am happy to drive to you and hear your concerns, talk about sex, offer parenting tips, provide education in reproductive health, nutrition, dieting, exercise, as well as complete a full physical, pap smear, infections test and breast exam.  Typically an appointment lasts an hour to an hour and a half.  I work on a sliding scale from $75 to $30—you pay what you can afford and yes I do except health insurance.




Empowered Women, Empowered Births, LLC distinguishes itself by providing Wise Woman Wellness: a commitment to providing compassionate, holistic, client centered care to women of all ages.


Women's health care is best served through the midwifery model of care. In this model annual exams become an opportunity for more than a breast exam and a pap smear. It is a time that can be focused on a woman's individual needs with informative discussions shaped around her personal health history, values and concerns.

Nutrition, sexuality, stress, parenting, family planning, and hormones are just a few of the issues that affect our lives and our health. Every stage of a woman's life from adolescence to mid-life and beyond is unique and valuable and every woman deserves safe and satisfying well woman care.

It’s that time of year again, or perhaps it’s been years, the dreaded ‘well woman exam’.  You’ve been there done that—cold instruments in a sterile office, with a practitioner you barely know.  Perhaps you have an issue your gut tells you to discuss with your provider but modesty, FEAR, embarrassment, shame, guilt, or just plain disgust keeps you from just doing it.

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